Berwick Community Garage Sale

June 14, 2019 – June 16, 2019 all-day

We take care of advertising, so all you have to do is put price tags on your treasures!


Did your Spring cleaning leave your household feeling a little overloaded?  Do you find yourself reinterpreting the meaning of the phrase “full basement?”  If so, fear not.  The annual Berwick Community Garage sale is coming soon!  

Every year on the third weekend in June, Berwick residents gather in their driveways to share their lesser used treasures with their neighbors and the Greater Columbus Area.  The Berwick Civic Association places ads in local papers, online, and in circulars, and places signage around the neighborhood.  Residents are of course free and encouraged to hold garage or yard sales whenever suits them.  Historically however, we have found that a coordinated effort helps drive traffic to our normally quiet neighborhood.  

To participate, all you really need to do is plan to hold a garage sale on June 14th, 15th and 16th, or any combination of those days that is convenient for you.  For our part, the BCA will place signage around the borders of the neighborhood, ads in the Dispatch and on Craigslist, and information on our website.  Residents may additionally wish to place signage within the neighborhood and online or print ads of their own as desired.  We do ask that, when placing signage in the neighborhood that you consider the neighbors on whose property you have placed signage and ask their permission.  It’s not always fun having a corner lot, so please keep their feelings in mind.  

What else can you do to make your garage sale a success?  We don’t profess to be experts, but we have some suggestions that have worked for us in the past.

Mark every item with a price.  It may seem like a pain to tag everything, but those little adhesive price dots make the job go faster.  Why?  Negotiation is part of every garage sale, but having a starting point helps.  Be prepared to be flexible.  Everything you don’t sell has to go back in the house, or to Goodwill, or into your municipal refuse container.  Save yourself a lot of work by selling everything!

Plan your layout.  People cannot buy what they cannot see.  Folding tables, or even an old door over a pair of sawhorses with a tablecloth can help lay things out visually and give you room to group items together.  It’s your opportunity to think like a retail store designer.  Go for flow and logical organization.  Lure potential customers with interest near the curb.  Place big ticket or interesting items where they will be visible to drivers and other passers-by.  Couples frequently shop together, so make sure that there’s something for everyone placed where customers can see.

Don’t forget Friday!  Our residents regularly share with us that they didn’t anticipate the amount of traffic that they would see, beginning even early in the day, on Friday.  Serious garage sale shoppers may be waiting for your garage door to rise as early as 7AM, the published start time of the neighborhood sale.  

Remember to start early.  June in Ohio isn’t known for its temperate weather, and many buyers like to be done before it gets hot.  The early bird really does get the worm.  If the weather really is warm, or even if it isn’t, brew a pitcher of tea or make some lemonade to keep your customers around your sale longer.

When you’re all done on Sunday, and hopefully done lugging all your proceeds off to the bank, don’t forget to clean up!  Donate unsold items, or place them in your municipal refuse container.  Remember, bulk pickups must be scheduled in advance in Columbus, so items left at the curb will remain at the curb.  Your neighbors will thank you for assuring that doesn’t happen.  If you have usable items that you cannot transport, some charities such as the National Kidney Foundation will pick them up from your porch with a little advance notice.

Most importantly, have fun!  It may not seem like it at first blush, but the Community Garage Sale has always been a great way to meet your neighbors, have a lemonade, and generally enjoy yourself.  Have fun, and thank you for participating!


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