2014 Fall Cleanups – Save the Dates

Fall Cleanup #1  Saturday, September 13

Fall Cleanup #2  Saturday, November 8

Time:  9AM to 11AM

Meeting Location:   Berwick Elementary School Parking Lot

Volunteers:  All Berwick residents are welcome


The Berwick Neighborhood Civic Association will be holding two fall neighborhood cleanups.  Berwick volunteers will focus on cleaning up litter and trash found along Berwick streets, including Livingston, College, James and the I-70 interchanges.  All volunteers are provided with a “litter-grabber,” gloves, safety vests and trash bags. The only thing you need to bring is a desire to have a clean neighborhood.


A few reminders about keeping our neighborhood clean:

  • Cardboard or plastic advertisement signs for houses, mattresses, animals, etc that are hung on utility poles or street signs are litter and are not permitted in Columbus and Berwick. If you see an illegal sign posted in our neighborhood, please take it down.  Temporary signs for yard sales or open houses are the exception, but the sign must be put up and taken down on the day the yard sale or open house takes place.
  • There has been a noticeable increase in trash, such as soda cans and fast food wrappers, in our neighborhood streets.  Please take a moment to clean up any trash found in front of your residence.  If you a neighborhood walker, you can also pick up trash on your walks which will make a huge difference in our community.
  • If there is a vacant house or an occupied house on your street that has an overgrown yard, the Berwick Civic Association encourages you call the City of Columbus at 645-3111 to report the overgrown yard.  It is against city code for lawns to be overgrown.  Please report the home address to the 311 call center.  Calls to the 311 call center can be anonymous.


Andy Dorr, BCA Vice-President and Beautification Co-Chair

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